3-Part online Training FOR MINISTRY LEADERS

How To Effectively Renew Minds And Transform Lives.

The most essential things every ministry leader must do to effectively help people in a post-pandemic world.


Learn how to really help people thrive,

even in difficult times.

Want to see sustainable transformation in the lives of people you serve?

Video Session 1:

Set people up for success.

Help mobilise and motivate the people you work with, set and achieve realistic objectives, and establish Kingdom-mindset foundations.

Video Session 2:

Effectively activate change.

Discover God’s blueprint for transformation, develop a deeper understanding of the human mind, and learn how to activate authentic hope.

Video Session 3:

Tools, technology and transformation.

Putting it all together for practical application... and introducing Peoplecare, an innovative assessment and digital discipleship platform.

Enable people to stop worrying and start living.

Discover the 'spiritual-vaccine' that effectively combats the virus of fear.

Solution Focused Strategies.

Learn the most effective formula for helping people establish and achieve realistic goals.

Motivating and Mobilising People.

Learn motivational interviewing techniques that help transition people along the stages of readiness for change.

From Victim to Kingdom Mindset.

Learn the neuroscientific underpinnings of human thought, will and emotion and discover ways to genuinely help people renew thinking and activating hope.

Innovative Assessment and Digital Discipleship

Learn what leading churches around the world use to raise the bar in Pastoral Care service delivery. Introducing the innovative Peoplecare platform.

Developed by industry experts and presented by Dr Robi Sonderegger.

Meet your instructor.

Clinical Psychologist.

20 years of industry experience; internationally known for pioneering innovative mental health services.

300K+ graduates globally.

Specialist in trauma recovery; survivors of war, natural disaster and human trafficking benefit from his curriculums.

Treatment Program Developer.

Academy author of several biblically-centered and evidence-based programs.

1.5M+ seminar participants.

Has presented in 25+ countries around the world (in the past decade), impacting every church denomination.

Do you work with people

in any pastoral care capacity?

Then this training is for you!

Pastoral Care training is not only important for counsellors, but for the ministry of all believers.

Pastors & Ministry Department Heads.
Cell Group Leaders and Prayer Counsellors.
Missionaries, Chaplains and Teachers.

What are ministry leaders saying about this online training?

Churches and ministry networks from all over the globe are being equipped and empowered.

Nick & Christine Caine


"A21 have been using Dr Robi’s educational-intervention programs over the past decade. We really respect Dr Robi and the important work he is part of. This training is a must for ministry leaders everywhere."

Wayne Alcorn


"This important online training for ministry leaders couldn’t be more timely. I’m excited to share Dr Robi’s excellent teaching and innovations in pastoral care with churches throughout our nation."

Paul DeJong


“This is a brilliant training that empowers ministry leaders to address Mental Health challenges. It is something we’re utilising here at LIFE and I would encourage anyone who journeys with people to do the same."

Ross Abraham


“If ever there was a time we need to learn how to renew our minds, take our thoughts captive, and proactively protect and build our mental health, it is now. This has become even more apparent to me recently after personally walking through a season of burn out. This training from Dr Robi addresses this critical topic in a balanced professional and scriptural way, and I highly recommend it to all.”

Richard & Debbie
Van der Kolk


“Hillsong Amsterdam has valued the ministry and training of Dr Robi over the past decade, and we're excited that other ministry leaders will now also get to benefit from this training.”

Glynn Barrett



"Dr Robi Sonderegger is world-class. Not only has he impacted my life personally, but his continued impact on the leaders in our local church is second to none. He is a proven practitioner, skilled communicator, and can make the profound simple."

What makes this training so unique?

It will equip and empower you to help people in a post-pandemic world.

Best of Bible and Biology.

Discover how science is now confirming what scripture has been saying for thousands of years.

Exposing Traps and Pitfalls.

Learn the subconscious programming methods used in sales and mainstream media to influence belief and behaviour.

Practical Action Steps.

Each video session offers the opportunity to immediately put into practice what is being taught.

Downloadable Resources.

Each video session is accompanied by a comprehensive workbook - featuring key summaries, activities and exercises.

People are hurting and need your help.

As a ministry leader, you can make a positive impact right now.